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In 1988, JAS Software, a sole proprietorship, created Food Service Management Tools to assist a local school district with the management of its cafeterias. The director was so impressed that she began spreading the word and more and more schools began using the software. Within a few years, the company expanded into a two-person partnership with the goal of making food service management even easier. Although the DOS-based software was powerful and quite reliable, the company felt it could do better and began working on its first Windows-based point of sales system. That project led to the original Meal Magic point-of-sales software in 1998. Schools began flocking to the new product, and a year later the company incorporated and took on more employees to handle the demand. Meal Magic became very popular and business was booming. Not wanting to sit contently, the company began working on other innovations and ultimately developed the first Windows Mobile sales register, as featured in Business Solutions magazine. The existing Meal Magic became Meal Magic Classic and the new .Net-based Meal Magic .Net Suite, now Meal Magic Suite, was released. The following year, the country’s first online free and reduced application web site, developed by Meal Magic Corporation, went live. In 2013, Meal Magic Corporation began offering the first iPad-based POS system for school cafeterias. Creativity is alive and well here. Even now Meal Magic Corporation is looking at the next best thing to make school food service management easier.
Our Experience Is The Key To Your Success
Meal Magic Suite provides easy management of your food service operations through a powerful Web browser interface. You can use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other popular browsers to access all of your Back Office services from your office or even from home. Unlike most other systems, with our self-hosted solutions you get unlimited user access to your Back Office when you use Meal Magic Suite, saving you lots of money. You can even grant individual access rights to as few or as many functions as needed. Meal Magic Suite interfaces with student data systems to keep customer information current, and it also integrates with LunchApp.com and SendMoneyToSchool.com. Your workload is lessened by these time-savings features. Our suite includes free and reduced application processing, nutritional analysis, pre-defined and custom-definable reports, meal pre-ordering, and a whole lot more.
Meal Magic Suite Is Powerful Yet Easy To Use
Innovative Registers Simplify POS And Keep Lines Moving
When it comes to serving meals, you need a powerful solution in your cafeteria to speed customers through line while ensuring accuracy and accountability, and that's what you get with Meal Magic Suite. Unlike other sales registers, our solution not only does the job but also raises standards of innovation. Our Build-A-Meal technology, backed by over 15 years of proven dependability, automatically turns a-la-carte items into reimbursable meals. It's sophisticated, on-the-fly analysis of food selections helps increase a-la-carte revenues and reimbursements. In addition to the basics, our sales registers include an allergy alert system and obesity controls to help enforce nutritional eating. The sales registers handle cash, account, guest, and billed sales for students and adults. They even make district-wide family deposits a snap. A reliable network disconnect mode with auto-recovery keeps sales going when servers are down. There's a class-sales mode, quick-sales mode, and auto-select items mode to speed up your lines. Meal Magic Corporation was the first company to release a robust school food service sales register built with Microsoft's .Net framework. We harnessed the power of the newest techologies and coupled them with SQL and a mix of our own innovations to bring you this highly advanced product.
Integrating vending machines into Meal Magic Suite is a breeze. With minimal effort you can automate sales and begin increasing your revenues. Our powerful vending software allows customers to use their accounts or pay with cash at the machine. They can even make deposits. Items can be vended as a-la-carte offerings or combined into reimbursable meals when possible. Machines can operate all day or on schedules. Pricing can be fixed or flexible based on grades and benefits. Pricing can even vary between students and adults. Parental restrictions are enforced at vending machines. This includes blocking snack foods, requiring cash for a-la-carte purchases, restricting purchases to specific meal periods, and implementing daily spending limits. Vending purchases are viewable by parents that use SendMoneyToSchool.com.
Vending Integration Handles Sales And Deposits
Meal Magic Suite makes nutritional analysis faster and easier than ever before. Our super-quick nutrional analysis functionality is included in our complete Back Office solution or as a stand-alone Web application. With Meal Magic Suite, you can eliminate the vicious circular process found in many other software packages. Changes are easy to make, and the results are displayed right away on the screen. Add a recipe to a menu and an updated analysis for the serving week is shown when the menu is saved. Users praise how easy Meal Magic Suite's nutrition analysis is compared to similar products. That's just how we like to make our products: easy. Meal Magic Suite is USDA-approved for nutrient analyses required in the school meal programs. If you're ready for easy-to-use nutritional analysis, contact Meal Magic Corporation today and start saving time.
Nutritional Analysis Is Super Fast With Meal Magic Suite
LunchApp.com Reduces Paper Handling
Paper applications require a lot of labor and number crunching, and manual processing requires duplicate validation. Optical scanning helps, but the forms are expensive. Then there are the jams and the misreads that slow you down. LunchApp.com is a much better answer. LunchApp.com guides parents through the application process in simple steps. The flow is modified to match situations specific to the family based on their answers, so confusing, non-relevent sections are skipped as appropriate to make the process fast and easy. Some districts now receive more than 50% of their applications through LunchApp.com, definitely saving them a lot of paper handling. Imagine how much more time you would have if that were your story. It can be if you contact us now to get started. By the way, Meal Magic Corporation was the first company to offer online applications for school food service. All others are imitations. We truly set the standards.
Deposits are safer and faster with SendMoneyToSchool.com (SMTS) in the picture, and our Web payment portal is easy to use and less costly than many similar products. SMTS even has nifty bells and whisltes to do more for your school than just handle deposits. SMTS gives parents secure, around-the-clock access to their children's accounts to view balances and make deposits. For convenience, a parent can make a single deposit for multiple children, and the information flows directly to your Meal Magic Suite system, usually within minutes, reducing money handling in the serving lines. SMTS also provides parents with viewable account and meal histories, helping to reduce calls to you. In addition to serving your food service needs, SMTS also provides advanced features that can benefit other departments as well. SMTS can be configured to accept sports fees, sell bookstore items, take donations, and more. Departments can have individualized access for their unique needs. Handling deposits and sales online is much easier when you use SendMoneyToSchool.com. Call us to experience the power of SMTS.
SendMoneyToSchool.com Gets Money Safely To School
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New to Meal Magic Suite? Our New Director Training will empower you to get the most from the software. Been around for a while? Director Refresher Training familiarizes you with the latest additions to the software and let’s you ask questions and share ideas. Ready for advanced functionality? Nutritional Analysis Training helps you with menu planning. Classroom trainings are held at Meal Magic Corporation in Grand Haven, Michigan, whereas webinars are offered via the Internet. Bookings are handled by Eventzilla and credit card payments are handled by PayPal (no PayPal account required). Choose a class at the right to register today.
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